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Aeration circulates the water from the bottom to the surface mixing all depths to help prevent stagnation.  The pond is destratified (all temperature layers are mixed) so the temperature is similar throughout the water column.  Fish can inhabit all depths after mixing instead of being restricted only to the upper layers.  In an uncirculated pond, cold bottom water is low or without oxygen so fish can not go there.  As a consequence, productivity of all organisms is reduced.  With aeration, the bottom waters are maintained high in oxygen and pond or lake productivity is increased.  Fish food organisms benefit from the plentiful oxygen and more are available for fish to eat.  Thus, growth and health of fish is much improved over a non-aerated lake or pond.  Benefits include better decomposition of materials on the bottom, including organic matter such as leaves, so lakes and ponds have greatly improved water quality and fill in much more slowly with muck.  Yet another factor with aeration is that fertilizer nutrients (such as phosphorus), which stimulate growth of rooted plants and algae, are less available.  The result is reduced problem algae blooms and a healthier pond.  Finally, aeration will help prevent summer and winter fishkills because oxygen is kept high in all depths.  Aeration can also be used to keep  an “open space” in ice during  winter ice cover.

Lake Life Guard Aeration Systems:  These systems consist of an oilless electric vane type compressor situated near the pond that pumps air into tubing laying on the pond bottom with a diffuser at the end.  Compressed air is pumped into the tubing and to the diffuser, which has hundreds of tiny holes, and tiny bubbles come out of the diffuser to transfer oxygen and mix the water as they go to the surface. Lake Life Guard Aerators are highly efficient, reliable, and economical to operate. For best results, run compressors 24/7  to create  optimum  environmental  conditions for  the lake or  pond aquatic community.

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